Why Attend BUDSC?

Reviews of BUDSC16:

“I found the participants to be quite collegial, and I learned a good deal about issues related to teaching, research, and collaboration from the sessions and from talking to participants.”

“The range of topics was fantastic and the selected keynote speakers were fabulous. I feel like it is a great event that presents challenging topics to those who are critical to the development of digital pedagogy and library services. Really enjoyed the conference and hope to attend in the future.”

“The two keynote speakers alone were worth the price of the conference. And I left with some specific ways to further engage my students in projects.”

“I liked the interdisciplinary nature of this conference and think it is very important for librarians and other scholars to mingle and talk about collaborations. The content of conferences such as this is so much more interesting to me than the presentations generally held at my professional organization meetings.”

Reviews of BUDSC15:

“I loved this conference. The setting was very welcome and relaxing while being very efficient and well-hosted. There was plenty of food, great technology, inviting atmosphere to talk with fellow faculty and students.”

“I am grateful for its existence and for the fine people who visit and present. I was awed by the students who presented their work. Awed.”

“This was an excellent conference from beginning to end. The sessions were a good variety of topics and really modeled how different departments and constituents within a school can use digital tools and collaboration to create practical, new ways of learning that appeals to learners and gives them practical uses for digital tools, programs, apps, and hardware on the market. I like the Friday workshop options, the campus tours, and the low cost of the conference. Can’t wait for next year!”

Reviews of BUDSC14:

“I found it useful and inspiring to hear about other projects and their struggles and successes.”

“I loved that there were faculty, librarians, and students presenting. I liked the mix of projects, pedagogy, and institution support topics.”

“I thought the keynote speakers in particular were excellent, and I liked the focus on teaching and learning.”

“Such a great opportunity for academics, librarians, IT folks and students to all talk to each other in a non-hierarchical, relaxed and stimulating environment. I like the emphasis on process and exploration rather than performance.”